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    Are you currently employed?

    When you say the jobs you find don’t pay much, are you comparing the salary to what you currently earn? If not, what are you measuring by?

    As far as the drug test, are you concerned about failing due to your Rx meds? If so, you can submit documentation about that before taking the test. The test results can differentiate between different substances, so if you give the employer a heads up, they can read the results properly.

    I would advise you to consider if the jobs you find are good stepping stones to what youbreally want. Are they at a company where there are regular performance reviews and salary reviews? Are they at a company where you can move up or to a different dept you would enjoy more? Are they jobs that would qualify you for something desirable by giving you needed experience?

    I found that just getting the momentum going by changing to a position that fit my most important criteria has made a huge difference. (Short commute, focus on helping people with an important issue, pays at least what I was already making, has health ins benefits) This position is a step in a lifelong journey. Now that I have made one step, I know I can make another when I need to do so.

    What are your MUST HAVES? Look for jobs that provide those and go for them. One at a time if necessary.

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    Well, it’s been a year since I last commented on this thread. I was notified of Cohen’s post today and that brought me back here.

    I have a NEW JOB that I really enjoy. I started the last week of March and so far, I think it is going well. I have better pay and benefits, am learning a new imdustry and there are lots of people I this company so I get to know my team, but also see new faces. (i.e. keeps it interesting).

    This job is inbound call center, so they are super strict about logging in on time at the start of your shift and when returning from your scheduled breaks. That is the only thing I strongly dislike. I’ve learned to use strategies to help me stay within my break time such as setting a timer on my phone that is LESS than my allotted time so I return to my computer a few minutes early.

    I look at this as an opportunity to improve my sense of time and my punctuality. I am always telling my kids you have to adjust to what is required of you to achieve your goals or please you supervisor / teacher / boss. Now it’s time for me to exemplify that. I do plan to switch to a different position with more freedom and higher pay, but I see this as a great start.

    As far as how I overcame my fear of handling the job hunt, I first started working on my self image. During one of my counseling sessions, my counselor asked me to write down 20 things I like about myself. As I did that and thought about these qualities and skills I have, I felt better about who I am and what I could do. This made me feel better about my overall situation AND my ability to change it for the better.

    God also blessed me to get encouragement from other people as I shared my aspirations to get a job that was a better fit and paid better. After months of browsing positions on Indeed, I finally applied for a position with an insurance company. Within days they called me for an interview. After the interview a job offer was extended and I gave my 2 weeks’ notice.

    My advice to all is pay attention to your quirks, likes and dislikes, be willing to change as needed to improve yourself and work on other areas of your life so the vocational aspect isn’t overwhelming your psyche.

    Good luck to everybody. I guess I will post another update in a year. ☺

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    @amb1974 Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I have been thinking I too need to job search based on what I like doing and where I know I will function well, not based on perception or status.

    I am seriously considering doing two part time jobs, but as a mom I need to be careful about the transition and research health insurance options for myself. I am knocking on 40, so I’m fighting the “old and looking for work” stigma I think will be be hanging over my head. Trying to remind myself to play up my experience and positive attitude.

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    I had no idea other people felt like I do. I mean I had a sense that other adults had struggles, but seeing the posts here really let me know I am not alone. I know my current position is not a good fit for my skill set and has too many distractions, but I am concerned about going somewhere else that is more strict about punctuality and that may end up being too hard for me to handle.

    I feel I would be good at a desk job if I didn’t have to handle inbound calls and walk-in customers. I also think I’d be good at dealing with call-in or walk-in customers if I didn’t have to process a lot of information and paperwork. I like helping people by phone like tech support and things of that nature. The interactions are brief, pleasant, and have specific goals for me to reach, which is really motivating for me.

    I think ultimately I have to do my best to look for jobs that will interest me and allow me to use my strengths and then feel out the environment and culture there, then go for it. I have to trust God to take care of me. He hasn’t let me be jobless or destitute so far. 🙂 (I did lose my home once, but I still had a job and lived with family until I got back on my feet.)

    I find it hard to be motivated to get my resume together and the thought of managing phone or in person interviews when I already have a full time job and kids in middle school with practices and events is just crazy to me. I can barely keep up with everything in my head as it is. I know God will guide me thought this. Just have to take it a step at a time. Instead of applying for a bunch of things at once, maybe I do three or so at a time so if everyone responds I don’t get overwhelmed. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

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