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    I send you my biggest hugs right now. I completely empathize what you are going through at the moment. I would suggest that you read one of the articles on relationship and another one on rejection.

    “Imperfect and Lovable”

    Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and ADHD

    Your attitude of protecting her feelings are completely normal and my guess is that you may not have Bipolar Disorder but rather ADHD too. I have myself being diagnosed with ADD recently and still learning a lot for my own sake. I find it enriching rather than being a plague as it helps me to understand myself a bit better and give the tools to work with to improve myself. And I am one of the lots who has been diagnosed lately at the age of 45. I recently met someone who has ADHD too but sadly refused to admit it. We went as fast as your relationship has been described, intense with a very powerful connection straight from the beginning. The only huge difference we have is that I’m 45, he’s 46. He’s shambolic, I’m a perfectionist, and I’m tidy. I’m an open book and willing to share my feeling in the open, he’s reserved, not affectionate in public, in denial with the tendency to be always right and think that I am the one in the wrong. In spite of all the appearance that this relationship has shown you making you feel “the one” for each other, learn one thing: Let it go! Believe in the power of one! You need to show her that you can change by looking after yourself. You can not be a caring person if you can’t care about yourself. You’re the one you count the most with a future. Don’t force the event to happen, let the time heal itself, it is your unique ally. Learn to be patient, time will show you many things if you learn to listen, observe and learn rather than talk, act and fail. It’s a metaphor, not a judgment. Sometimes we have to accept that the crystal stiletto you found does not fit the Cinderella you thought it was. Another metaphor for you to ponder on. Life is worth living. So live it to the fullest and thrive as much as you can. Best wishes.

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