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    You are doing great! You are your son’s biggest advocate and voice. What was said earlier about this being a marathon not a sprint is
    Very true. I would like to suggest an affective needs program (yes affective starts with an “a”).:) Find a school that has one because not all of them do. It is about repetitive and effective consequences and rewards. It is about changing behaviors with the repetitive consequences. It is an excellent program! Also look into ABA therapy. Now that you have a diagnosis of autism, most (not all) insurances will pay for the ABA therapy. ABA therapy stands for applied behavior analysis. Basically this specialized therapist comes to your home and works with the two of you. This is great because it gives you some relief and strategies at home. My son is 11, almost 12 and in sixth grade and I wish I would’ve known about the affective needs program when he was in kindergarten. My son has ADHD and autism. Lastly I would highly suggest looking into local autism places to find a support group so you do not feel alone and isolated.
    You are not alone!

    Stay strong mama!

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