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    Completely relate to what everyone is saying! I’ve only being diagnosed ADHD at 52 and it explains a lot! I’m also bipolar but don’t get depression since been on concerta which is great! I couldn’t be in a relationship, that would drive me insane!! If someone is boring me I just cut them short and tell them or if they’re repeating the same story again, I just cut them off and tell them! I don’t really care if that’s rude. Friends who like me know that’s what I do and laugh. I avoid situations and people who are going to say obvious and stupid things or try to read what I’m going to say. If someone offers an opinion without me asking for it they get told to shut up too! I guess methylphenidate isn’t working anymore as I had patience and could concentrate 7 months ago on that, the effects have worn off and I’m obviously just rude and easily bored! I’m seeing my ADHD specialist next week and am hoping to try a different med to get the patience and concentration back so I’m safe to be around strangers talking endless boring needless nonsense!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)