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    Hi there ALL,

    My son is almost 10 and we’ve messed around with dosing a bit. I came up with a plan after reading online….alot…. and what works well for us is a combination in the morning of 27mg concerta and 18mg together to make 45mg total. Then he takes 10mg Ritalin IR in the afternoon to boost him through the evening. This way he isn’t taking more then 55MG per day TOTAL. He does pretty well with this. Maybe you could keep up with the 27 concerta and add a 5mg Ritalin IR in the afternoon…it’s the same medication just the immediate release instead of timed released which is the Concerta. I’ve read that the common dose is about half their weight in MG, so we are pretty much right there…Hes 100lbs. We were concerned with weight for a while but we’re doing so great in that area now…I just make sure to feed him a good protein rich breakfast. I know he doesn’t eat too well at school lunch time so a big snack/lunch size after school before activities and homework. Then at night he takes 3mg melatonin. I totally threw out the breakfast for breakfast deal because I want to make sure he eats good in the morning so if he wants pizza or a sandwich I’m A-OK with that as long as he eats!!

    Hope this helps!

    Vanessa and Family 🙂

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