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    I have started shopping at our 3 health
    Food stores here and when they have their 20%
    Off sales then I can get the more natural
    Shampoos/rinses, underarm deodorants,
    Ingredients for dishwasher soap, laundry
    Soap, toothpowder,essential oils,
    Reusable straws, grew some tomatoes,
    Purple peppers, squash and cucumbers.
    Tomatoes are the only thing that has
    Produced anything as of yet. We’re
    Using olive oil and coconut oil now
    And can use them as carrier oils with
    The essential oils so they don’t burn
    Our skin. We are also trying to have smoothies
    Every morning too. Our 11 year old
    Is on supplements and in a study at
    Our university and our 14 year old is on
    ADHD Medicine, his third try. It’s been
    Such a struggle getting them diagnosed
    And then learning all of the changes
    And implementing them that I feel like my head
    Will explode. So adding in some adults
    Who can’t be bothered to learn about
    This disorder, is last on my list.
    I don’t have time to educate, then
    Re-educate them because they can’t seem
    To want to learn because then THEY
    Have to change their ways. They are
    Missing out/missed out on two awesome boys
    and I feel sad for the 4 of them People
    Make their own choices and then they
    Have to live with the consequences.
    I have zero patience for people who
    Expect everyone to change just for
    Them and then act like a victim! Your girls are
    Obviously old enough and mature enough to
    Make those connections, and as sad as it
    Is, it is what it is until they buck up
    and stop making everyone uncomfortable
    Because they don’t understand. You are so right
    About if it was a visible disability
    They would treat her differently! Maybe
    Your youngest got ADHD from one of
    them? Lol I am not special nor am I
    Boasting about anything, and I hope
    That comes across. I like Mike, like to help if
    I am able, that’s all. I believe and
    Have believed since pregnancy, that
    It takes a village to raise our babies
    And I still believe it, maybe even
    More now.

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    Hi Violet, WOW!! You sound like a VERY strong woman even if you aren’t feeling like one.
    I am so sorry to hear of all the action happening in your life/household, and there will
    Be a light at the end of the tunnel, it will take time, but you will see it. I have
    Two boys 11 and 14 who were both just diagnosed within the last four months as well as me
    Also having Adult ADHD! It’s been a real party
    Here, especially this summer! The things
    That we are trying is essential oils,
    Crystals (shungite, black tourmaline,
    Amethyst, labradorite and Rose Quartz
    Have helped a lot too. The first two crystals
    Help with grounding and protection and
    With EMFs. We turn wifi off at night which
    Has helped with sleep. We all sleep better
    And feel more rested in the morning. Salt
    Lamps help with EMFs too, but also clean
    The air. We threw away all of our personal
    Products like shampoo/rinse, soap and a
    Big one was toothpaste! We use a remineralized
    Toothpowder that detoxes the mouth, reverses cavities and polishes our teeth like we
    Just came from the dentist! I also threw
    Out all our chemical cleaners and air
    Fresheners and diffuse or make cleaner
    Using essential oils. I am NOT crafty,
    I like convenience but I want to help my
    Boys more. I’m also checking into the
    Neuro-Feedback that PlayAttention has
    Introduced me to. We are a one income
    Family and I’m going to see if the disability
    Program, offered here in Canada, will fund or help us to get it to help improve their
    Executive skills. I’m also trying desperately
    To get it into our local schools to help
    Other students that are struggling and will
    Continue to struggle through their lives!
    This program would give at risk children
    this important information, that they most
    Certainly won’t get any other way, into their
    Lives, making what I think, a SIGNIFICANT
    Impact and difference in and on their
    lives! I have been learning everything I possibly can about ADD/ADHD and how to
    help our boys to be successful and boost
    their self esteem. There’s a website I
    Just found called Totally ADHD Rick Green
    is the guy it’s about, but he makes it
    interesting as he’s a comedian as well as
    has ADHD himself, and full of great information.
    I am struggling too as I have just gone on
    ADHD meds myself for the first time in my life,
    and I’m feeling somewhat less anxious
    and scattered. So it’s a bit of a gong show here
    too. I swear my husband (their dad) has
    It too, but of course he doesn’t see it
    at all! Lol I’m very discouraged some days,
    Plus I just had my 4th bowel resection
    Last August and a total knee replacement surgery
    Three months later, so still recovering
    From the knee surgery. But knowledge is power and I told my boys that. I said learn all
    you can about ADHD so you are informed
    and not a victim. Having this doesn’t mean
    mean a death sentence or anything bad!
    it is something we all have and is like
    having blonde hair or brown eyes! It doesn’t
    have to ruin your life. Find what interests
    you and make a goal to learn all you can
    about it and see if it’s something you
    really want in your life. Baby steps can
    turn into the greatest things in life. When I
    Give time outs, I put a TED talk on (if I can
    Find something that they just did then I use
    It as a teachable moment, or it’s just funny
    To me to watch them squirm because they HAVE to
    Listen to it. It’s amazing what they have learned.

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    My in-laws, one of which has ADHD in a big way
    But won’t get tested, is the same way.
    I think it would be harder in your situation as it’s your parents. Try getting some information about ADD/ADHD and have it “laying“ in your bathroom with nothing else to read, maybe they’ll read it then! Lol I know they/she thinks I’m making excuses for my boys, but if they don’t want to accept them as they are, there’s nothing I can do except be more supportive to my boys and if that means I don’t get to spend much time with the in-laws, so be it. It is the adults who need to be accommodating and especially in the children’s house. I’m so very sorry that this has happened and so sad to hear your daughters words of hurt and disappointment. Did you tell your parents that this is how she feels and told you those words? Maybe that would
    Open their eyes, heart and soul to the fact that they are noticeably hurting their grand baby. and that THEY need to make a change as they are all missing precious time that will never be given back. Plus harbouring useless resentment and robbing everyone involved of this precious relationship Thai is being tossed aside. Good luck, and I truly hope that they make the obvious change and so the harsh and uncomfortable feelings go away.🙏❤️

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