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    I break things down into small decisions. If all I have to concentrate on is this smaller step, it’s easier to handle. Like instead of “I need to get a job,” I only concentrate on the first part of finding places to apply, ignoring what comes after for the time it takes me to complete that one task. Then once I’ve collected those applications or links to jobs, then I only concentrate on applying, one by one, until they are all done. It often helps me to think of things like a game and completing tasks is like earning experience points. There’s actually an app out there called Habitica that essentially turns your life into a video game that has really helped a friend of mine. You put in tasks like “ate breakfast,” “drank water,” “read a book,” “applied for a job,” or anything else you want help accomplishing, and when you complete them, you get gold and experience. When you don’t, your character takes damage.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)