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    anguscole41, I am interested in your knowledge of the essential oils in treating ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, hypersensitivity, etc! Is there a way to message me here?

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    Dear Hopelessme,
    Your husband might have ADHD, but he DEFINITELY has narcissistic personality disorder! I was married to a very verbally and emotionally abusive man with npd who claimed he also had ADHD. He did the EXACT same things you described yours doing to you and refused help from any source. He even exploded in a therapist’s office that out church sent us to….

    These things your husband does to you are called domestic abuse. You should not and do not need to take that. It is not only emotionally unhealthy, but as you described, it is physically unhealthy and will not improve by staying with him. NPD people will not change no matter what you do to try to get them to… They feed off you being upset, taking the blame, getting defensive, etc etc etc. It is literally like food or a drug for them.

    And it will kill you physically and emotionally if you stay and keep taking it.
    And you have to take it if you stay. There’s no other option when you choose to stay.

    My daughter and I are finally free of it on a daily basis. And whenever we are away from him for any period of time we are so much more physically and mentally healthy!!

    YouTube has some great educational videos from experts on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and marriage. Please check them out!


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