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    ADHD and hormones are a potent combination. Estrogen in particular impacts our ADHD even while we are still having regular (irregular?) periods. The rule of thumb is: when estrogen goes down, ADHD symptoms go up.

    That means right before your period (bleeding) your ADHD symptoms go crazy. A few days later, you’re back to your normal self.

    At perimenopause, estrogen begins its flirty flamingo dance — skyrocketing for a while, then hiding itself for a while. These estrogen swings can start 10 years before “real menopause” — the complete cessation of menses. For some of us that can mean mid to late 30s and certainly in our 40s. So many women are diagnosed at perimenopause because their ADHD symptoms get worse. Thank you Ms. Estrogen!

    You may have little flushes – warm, pink cheeks (facial cheeks – come on now!), you may be more irritable than usual and your ADHD symptoms may increase. Less focus, memory lapses and foggy brain are typical. Nothing to worry about because it will eventually settle down (but it sure is annoying!).

    Know that perimenopause can last a long, long time…years. It’s good that you are checking in about it now since you will likely have to adjust your current ADHD strategies to accommodate that darned estrogen decline.

    The good news is that you are not alone and that permimenopause is time limited. Your periods WILL cease eventually. Then you can adjust for ADHD post menopause! Life is so much fun, eh? LOL

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    Hello @purplefuzz — welcome and I’m in NC, too! North Durham to be exact. Know that this is a safe space to be your ADHD self!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)