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    That reply squares with my experience – and actually if anything more people say in an affectionate way they’ve never met anyone like me.

    However, rather than describing it as “slowing me down” I would say I now tend to get a millisecond in which I can more often select a more helpful reaction to stimulus – rather than having no control at all over my reactions.

    Perhaps another way of viewing it is that to a much greater extent, I can choose my focus. Sadly or awesomely – I still have hyperfocus in spadeloads and I still find it hard to do mundane tasks that seem purposeless.

    It’s not a complete solution, but it enabled me to take a little more control over myself. (It also works less well when I’m exhausted).

    I don’t think your concerns are actually valid – however they are exactly the same concerns I had before medication.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)