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    Hi Dr D!

    I am a lawyer with adhd. I’ve found that I really struggle to concentrate or take on information when I’m not interested in a particular area. In order to stay employed throughout my career, I had to learn to find aspects of areas that I can stay interested in enough to process information. I think you can kind of train your brain to get better at hyperfocussing so you actually stay productive.

    So, I guess for you (maybe), the patient or their symptoms might be boring to you, but problem solving might be really interesting, so you look for the interesting/relevant information that will help you solve the problem.

    The way lawyers are trained to fact find is actually really useful for everyday adhd life as well. I get people to tell me their story twice and I explain that I’m not going to take notes or ask any questions during the first round. During the second round I’m going to take notes, ask them to pause and also ask questions. This technique helps me and I also use it in my private life. People feel really heard and they love telling their story twice. Once I hear the story once, the white noise is reduced because the brain already has a sense of what is important and what can be tuned out and I can focus on the important things in the second round. Sadly this can’t be done in meetings.

    Good luck and well done for getting through med school! It gets easier!

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