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    I am incredibly sorry you received such poor treatment from your psych; nothing makes me more angry that to hear stories like this. I am a psychologist and supervise doctoral students doing ADHD/LD evaluations at my university clinic. These types of tests results can seem horrifying if you don’t have the expertise in interpreting the scores. It is the job of the evaluator to put the results in context, using language that a lay person can understand both in the report and in a feedback session with the client. I am sorry that was not done for you.

    First of all, scores on an IQ test do not take into account all aspects of intelligence. Additionally, IQ scores must be interpreted in context of a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses– as well as his functioning in the world. Low scores in short term memory (working memory) and processing speed are typical in people who have ADHD –that is part of what we look for in making a diagnosis. This does NOT mean you have low intelligence. My guess is that the verbal and perceptual (non-verbal) reasoning index scores were higher–and those scores say more about your ability to learn and achieve.

    It is important to know that not all counselors or psychologist have adequate training in ADHD or in interpreting test scores. I encourage you to find someone who does have that expertise to sit down with you and go over your report so you have a better understanding of what it actually means and to discuss recommendations for learning strategies.

    I don’t know if you have done any reading about ADHD, but my favorite book is “More attention, Less deficit” by Ari Tuckman.

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