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    Exactly the same. My 12 year old son has taken Methylphenidate as Concerta 54mg XR for a couple of years. He was having a terrible crash around 5. He was emotional, irritable, angry, and very negative for about an hour, then it transitioned in to his non-medicated “slap happy” hyperactive, impulsive behavior for the rest of the night. And getting him to bed was a long, exhausting process. Our Dr. prescribed a booster of 5mg short acting Ritalin at 4:30 and it has worked wonders for the crash. It wears off about an hour before bed, but we no longer have that hour of misery after the Concerta wears off. We recently added Intuniv 1mg XR in the afternoon and it has helped control the excess impulsivity before and after his other medications are in effect since it is a 24 hour medication.

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