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    OH! This is a beautiful, therapeutic post! DONT GIVE UP!
    I see that a lot of people have already given you encouragement and advice and I just want to say YES YES YES.
    I was just diagnosed this autumn at age 49. I have the exact same diagnosis as my 12 year old son.
    I have found WONDERFUL SUPPORT, ADVICE, INSIGHT and VALIDATION thorough this website as well as, I just started reading the “bible” on ADHD, called
    “DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION“!!! I’ve underlined every page, with notes in the margins – “Me!” “Chase!” “Mom!” “Grandma!”

    I could go on, but there IS HELP for you! Go get diagnosed, go get medication, go get therapy – your life will CHANGE 100%!!!!
    Lifting you up in prayer and love!

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