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    Thank you, all of you. Im so glad i wrote this here.

    Tons of great thoughts and ideas.

    I too,had been diagnosed with bipolar. Now, finally. My dr. Knows… because of things i finally said…and my teaching/convincing him of my adhd.
    Now, its adhd and ptsd(caused 2 psychotic episodes).
    He is good,but cant rightly diagnosis without all the info… He already knew he had to be careful with treating the adhd.
    I finally realized i had gone too high for me on the me
    Generic Ritalin.
    Went down from 30ng per day,to 20.

    I feel better,its working well again. But, i sure need the ideas you gave…thank you.
    He is trying to get me in with a good therapist.She has a waiting list.

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