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    We all spend a lot of time surrounded by electrical fields. Electric and magnetic fields, or EMFs, are invisible lines of force created by electric charges. In other words, wherever there is electricity, there are also electromagnetic fields. Wireless devices and wifi are the most present.

    Every electrical outlet generates EMFs (lots of other things too, like microwaves, power lines, radio waves, X-rays, and lots more).
    And every outlet discharges excess through the ground plug, which actually, physically connects to the earth.

    EMFs build up in your body – which wouldn’t be a problem, except we don’t discharge all the electrical build-up. We don’t ground ourselves by touching the earth, as in bare feet on the ground. Our shoes have plastic or rubber soles, we’re indoors, or in a car – in effect, insulated.
    That EMF radiation build-up causes some nasty changes. Inflammation, headaches, muscle tension, hyperactivity. Some research says it can create holes in the blood-brain barrier that protects the brain, allowing more toxins to reach the brain.

    Short answer: go outside and stand on the earth, as often as possible. I’ve been doing it every day for about 8 months – yup, even in winter. I live in BC, so it’s easier. Results? I don’t get headaches any more, or colds or the flu, and I’ve stopped clenching my jaws.

    I’m not a woo,woo, spiritual type either, I’m bipolar and ADHD. I’ve been on meds for more than 20 years, which more or less work. Doing the bare foor thing has calmed me down a lot. When I’m standing on the ground, taking deep breaths, I can literally feel all the tension draining out of me.

    Here’s some references.

    Earthing – RationalWiki

    World Health Organization definition of Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

    https://www.drlam.com/blog/emf-radiation-and-health-an-emerging-danger/32986/”>EMF Radiation and Health: An Emerging Danger

    EMFs and Human Health – Green Building Advisor

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