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    I might go to the school board later but first I would advise to try to meet with the principal and the teacher and take an advocate with you. I worked myself in the school system. I tried to stay calm when my son was not treated well because he was so shy, which is a lot easier than ADD. We made sure they knew we were watching.
    Having worked with kids, it is disconcerting when kids change medications and the school is not informed. However the school should have informed you and I would definitely put it in writing. You can just take a paper with you with the points you want to discus.
    This is what happened….
    I want to improve communication ….
    When would be a good time for me to observe the class?
    What are the best times for him?
    Wat are the worst times?

    Can we set up a daily communication log?
    It can be short and simple: He liked music, math was challenging. Or No comments, he had a good day.

    Does he have an IEP or a 504 plan? We had to fight for my grandson to have a 504 Plan. He needed just some accommodations, to help him communicate with peers.

    In some school systems the teachers are overwhelmed, but when it came to my kids, I could sympathize but my kid was my focus.

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