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    What works for me sometimes: I try to have backups for everything I need. at least 2-3 hammers on the wall on the same hook, etc Total back up of keys. hide a key on the car. several redundant TV remotes.
    I locked keys in car yesterday- but had my back up hidden under the hood near my wipers.

    Instead of “irrational searching behavior” , I have a “it’ll turn up mentality” and keep on moving if I have access to a back up!
    I try to keep the projected blame on others to myself: instead of putting my foot in my mouth, and causing resentment.
    I have a credit card I can turn off on my phone if lost and turn on again if found.
    I have a smart phone I can see where it is if lost. ( I saw it floating in a lake, after kayaking once, in its waterproof container.)
    I love back ups if I can afford them. I have emergency money hidden in my car and house
    I also bury things frequently under a piece of paper I just touched or moved an minute ago.
    I also forget where I put things, that I placed here (so I will see it when leaving) Where?
    It is part of life for me so I try to take it in stride and just keep moving forward when I can.
    Ahhhhh! Stuff still gets lost when I am trying to get out the door at the last minute. Frequently I will go to the car but come back for 1 keys, 2 wallet, or 3 phone.

    Important things lost or stolen from me. Keys, phone, wallet, passport (while in Greece) Life goes on!

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