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    I love all the helpful comments given so far and my heart really goes out to you. I am so impressed with your self initiative. My son has ADHD and I *wish* he had the self understanding and desire to fix things as you do. You may not realize it but you are already 75% further along than most people your age in that you recognize the problem and are motivated to find solutions!!

    The only thing I want to add is that at your college there will be TWO resources you can call upon. One is the student health center (which ALL schools have) for seeing a doctor or psychologist who can diagnose you and/or prescribe for you. The second one is the Disability Services Department (which varies in strength from school to school) where they help arrange for you help in your class, connect with the tutoring center and other counselors who can help you with organizing your homework load, etc.

    Another suggestion is that you should not forget the value of help from friends. That doesn’t mean you are dependant on them or asking too much from them. I’m sure there are things *you* well be helping them with (whether you realize it or not) and in turn they can help you on follow up and focus, where you are weakest. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Use friends in classes you are taking (or make friends) to get support on due dates etc. Use friends in your dorm for making sure you set aside time for homework, etc.

    And most of all, give yourself credit for all your incredible maturity in doing your own research and having such motivation as to think ahead about potential difficulties and reaching out to try to solve them! Again, I am Sooooo impressed!

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