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    Hi Michael
    I am 32 and was diagnosed with ADHD 2 months ago. I started uni almost 10years after finishing high school and have gone into do my masters. I’ve had to work VERY hard. An earlier diagnosis would have mde my life SO much easier, I am now about 2 weeks away from finishing. 💃🏽
    These are some of the strategies I have used over the last 5 years and continue to use daily
    – set yourself a schedule.
    – I have tried and tried to use a pomodoro timer but it just hasn’t worked for me. What has and continues to help is music. I love music but found music that I liked was a distraction. I started to listen to music I don’t like but then I found focus playlists on Spotify. These have been AMAZING. I can have these up loud, drowning out any distractions around me but there are no words for me to sing along to and be distracted by 😀
    – if the slides for class/lecture are available before class print them out and write your notes on there. This way you don’t have to write now what’s on the screen just added extras. Plus I found there is something about actually writing my notes with a pen that helps me remember the content.
    – if the lectures aren’t recorded, record them on your phone.
    – when the lecturer is giving assignment instructions RECORD IT!!!!!! Keep recording even when students are asking question or for clarification.
    – don’t study where you know you will be distracted. The library or a quiet coffee place/bookshop have worked the best for me. At home I tend to clean…to the point where I cleaned my ceiling 🙄. If this doesn’t work. Download everything you need, unplug your wifi and put your phone on do not disturb (I’ve found silent isn’t enough).
    – I also go on a social media fast during semester. Just to help reduce my distractions.
    – when I am prepping to write a paper (not sure if this is super applicable for you or not) as I read the material I type my notes so that they can be cut and pasted into my draft and I can tease out the thought etc. Note taking takes extra time, cut and paste saves time and not having to remember what 10 different papers said and which one said what has been very helpful.

    Best of luck in your course

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