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    Thank you for replying!

    Yes, I was surprised she suggested that, as well. She also said things like “I don’t think you have ADHD because you can focus in here while we are talking, and are able to sit still. My patients who have it aren’t able to focus during a conversation and are usually bouncing off the walls.”

    But of course I’m a 42 year old woman. I’ve learned how to at least appear focused in situations where I had to, for at least a short amount of time. One on one in a quiet room is different than when I’m trying to get through my day and/or have distractions around. She also doesn’t know how hard I have to work at that.

    Most of the symptoms I try to express to her she says “but see that can be anxiety, too.” And she’s not wrong – there is definitely anxiety present, but I really think it’s triggered by stress and my possible ADHD. Some of the things she says to me contradict what I’ve read about, but I also recognize that she’s the licensed therapist and has more experience in this area than I do, for sure.

    So should I go straight to a psychiatrist? Askmmy son’s psychiatrist next month when we go back? Or even his therapist next week? She suggested I speak to my GP and consider meds through her – but I think she meant some sort of anxiety med. (I was prescribed an antidepressant for treating headaches once a couple years ago and had a very bad reaction, so I’ve refused to try that again so far.)

    I’m struggling to figure out what to do now. Just going to a therapist at all was a huge step for me.

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