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    Good morning, you are not alone:) I have never felt like an adult! I have four kids and try really hard to hold it together, but sometimes even with medication, and being well educated and aware of my ADHD, I drop the ball:)
    I am 48 years old, I have two kids in their 20’s who grew up with unmedicated ADHD Mom and I have two younger kids 11yrs and 9yrs (all but my 11yr old have been also diagnosed with ADHD) and we have fun! I remember crying on a Sunday night when I served hot dogs and Kraft Dinner thinking I was a horrible parent, my mom always had a “Sunday Night” meal, turkey dinner, roast beef dinner, always fancy and we would sit and eat as a family and practice manners!!! Love it! My kids may get that now and again ( when my mom comes to visit!!!) but they thought I was the BEST mom in the world to make Kraft Dinner!!! If I really want Mom of the week I let them Ramen Noodle!!!
    I bet all the kids want to hang out at your house? You are the fun Mom that keeps it real! Find that ADHD child like sense of humor I am sure you have and laugh:)) Just think, while you are laughing at your “short coming”, you are getting plenty of oxygen that is going to engage your brain and get you back on task!!!
    Harper Valley PTA may not be your thing, but like Kim said, we create fun memories for our kids, even if some of them are at the expense of our short comings:))
    Also, build your tribe of “people”, focus on the things your are great on and enjoy doing, ask for help on the things you aren’t good at doing, we just created room in the budget for help cleaning the house, I work from home and thought I could do it, but turns out I can find a million things to do, and cleaning is just not one of them! Lots of tips and tricks out there to help us feel like “Adult” but don’t change, you are the cool Mom for sure!!

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