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    I’ve been treating my eight year old child with one drop of the hemp extract tincture 600 mg oil every night at bedtime. I add one drop to whatever he is eating for dinner. I was pretty desperate to help him and myself. He has major anxiety issues that make him very aggravated. I kept waiting for years for him to outgrow it. I’ve also tried therapy, being super empathetic and supportive at home but also stern when he acts up. We tried behavior modification at home and at the school. It may be because he is a twin and they were behind with speech because they had a twin language. He’s had a lot of things where I could see that the lack of ability to communicate younger may have made him a very frustrated child. He was extremely agitated all the time. Anytime you even said his name to ask him about something, he would tell back. He couldn’t control himself. He would get very frustrated and make very aggravated almost animal-like noises. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is a very frustrated kid that’s had a lot of changes recently. So it was getting worse.

    I considered getting him on an anti-anxiety medication or ADHD medication a couple years ago and decided not to when I saw the side effects. If I have to watch my kid to make sure he doesn’t have a heart attack, I’m good. I’m not going to do that to him or myself. The benefits don’t outweigh the risk.

    About 6 months ago I decided to go deep and use my husband’s CBD oil that has helped him tremendously, for my child. The great thing is, there’s no placebo effect because my kid doesn’t know he’s taking it at all.

    The first two days he seemed a little different. He almost seemed extra happy. It’s hard to explain. He was running in circles and playing for hours on end when he would usually prefer to be inside and beg to be on his iPad or beg for cartoons on the TV.

    By day three, everything just stopped. He stopped yelling. He wasn’t frustrated anymore. When I would help him do his homework he wasn’t mad or frustrated. He would actually focus and be kind. I have been really shocked this entire time. And it’s changed our lives.

    It used to be very embarrassing to go out into public and try to get him to eat in a restaurant because he would yell like a crazy person. I mean, flat out. I would go to give him a bite of something and he would literally scream “what is it” over and over again and get so upset. And he knew better. But nothing helped. No matter what the consequence was, he could not stop himself from being nutty.

    There may be limited research and the statistics may point to there not being any kind of conclusive outcome. But I’ve seen what it’s done for my husband with his depression and anxiety and I’ve seen what it’s done for my kid with his extreme anxiety. I could not be more thankful that this stuff is around.

    And I’m certainly not here telling everybody that this is the answer and this is what to do. It’s just my experience when we hit rock bottom. I don’t really see where there’s anything to lose by trying it for yourself to see if it works. My husband had absolutely no side effects. My son was a little more thirsty than usual the first 2 days. Which is great, because it used to be impossible for me to get him to drink water. And that’s been it this whole time.

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