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    I didn’t get diagnosed until about age 59! And actually I have been relieved to know that there IS a reason I have so much difficult with those things I struggle with. I have my times of hyper-focus when everything goes perfectly, and I am profoundly productive (work and home projects) at times, just like you. However, even with medication, my ADHD still pops up more than I would like it to. However, whereas I used to think of myself as a total screw-up who couldn’t do anything right, and constantly wondered why I made some of the choices I made, etc., I now recognize that my ADHD has had a huge role, and that I have some legitimate reasons why some things are so difficult for me. I still get down on myself occasionally, but nowhere NEAR as much as I used to. If I forget to put on my glasses and trip over something, I don’t think I’m a clumsy idiot; I just realize I have a problem in the vision category and I need to use whatever help I can get (glasses, in this case) to deal with it. It’s a true disability issue, and THAT explains a lot for you.

    If none of what anyone here has said or referenced helps, it may require some degree of therapeutic intervention.


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