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    Look, your parents are important but part of growing up is creating distance between them and becoming self sufficient.

    You don’t have to do something just because your culture demands it. Start saying “I can” instead of “I can’t”

    And if your family wants to abandon you because you love a girl then raise your hand and say “adios!” because it’s your future and you only get one shot at it!!

    in reply to: How do you manage to fall asleep, and then wake up early? #103041

    I was like you, the melatonin, the constant reassessments of my sleep hygiene, i tried everything!

    Only 1 thing helped.

    I HAD to get up EARLY!

    I would wakeup between 3:30 and 4:30am every morning. If I “Slept in” I was out of bed by 5am at the latest – it felt like a lie in!

    Before I entered this state I had to force myself to stay awake 24hrs + or as long as it took to be tired at the required time. I started going to bed at 10pm!

    I realised i responded best between 5-6 hours sleep. Anymore and I over slept (10-12hrs)

    Waking up early allowed me more time to “dezombify” before other distractions could come at me and let me get my workout in early.

    This felt hard for 2 weeks after which I adapted and would wake at this time without an alarm clock.

    Find a ritual that works for you and don’t sleep with your phone in bed.

    Also just to let you know

    My sleeping was FCKED,some days I would be awake for 48-72hrs – I worked 2 jobs with very little down time so if i couldn’t sleep…

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    Just FYI this is common when upping dosages on stimulants, google “stim dick” and sometimes it can just be random.

    There were times back when i used to abuse illicit drugs that I could take cocaine and have sex all night. Other times I was just completely useless and nothing would help me.

    in reply to: How long is waiting time for ADHD referral in the UK #103039

    For me it took 2 months from the specialist referral to the appointment.

    Conditions like Asp or ASD rarely come alone, there are usually comorbidity like OCD or ADHD for example.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean those comorbidities will be severe though.


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