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    Ugh, chores like dinner feel so darn tedious. I have been struggling with this too, but I feel I have finally found a routine that works for dinner. Crockpot freezer/dump dinners. I use Pinterest to find the recipes. On Sunday I go pick up all the ingredients for the week and prepare everything for each recipe into gallon freezer bags. Food prep seems to go quickly this way. All the freezer bags of prepared ingredients go into the freezer, put the one you plan to eat tomorrow in the fridge to thaw. Each morning I just pull out the baggie and dump it into the crockpot, 6 hours later and tada, dinner is ready! When I get tired of the crockpot I can do similar with “one skillet” meals. Right now I’m still testing recipes, but after I find the ones I like, I plan to increase meal prep to have the entire months worth done in one day rather than week by week. Also there is an added bonus to this method – less dishes! When you are only food prepping on one day out of the week/month and using one crockpot to cook on all the others it has made the monster chore of dish washing manageable.

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