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    It was refreshing to read all the posts! It made me feel that I’m not alone. My age, I now realize, has
    A lot to do with it. I must spent at least 20% of my day looking for
    Things. When I catch myself trying
    To call me out, blame me for the problem, I say STOP!, because it does not help at all to blame. Instead I say either I will find it later or if it’s urgent, keep looking. Getting all balled up in a knot restricts blood flow to my brain and that’s going in the wrong direction.I too amaze myself when I think of all my accomplishments in my earlier life. I say to myself, ok you have ADHD, big deal, would you rather have a terminal disease or be living in one of the more unfortunate places in this planet?
    I choose to go with the flow, slow down, keep looking. Many times I find something else I misplaced, and it is a consolation prize.
    Life is too short for self indulging unhappiness. I choose to
    Enjoy this amazing place I’m in despite my faults, politics, etc.
    Amen, brothers and sisters!

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