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    Fighting mom

    Hello, I just joined today..
    My 8 year old was recently
    Diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. He
    Is struggling with behavior, focus and impulse.
    Also, staying on take is school.
    We have had multiple “behavior” forms sent
    Home and I have dealt with them, discussed
    The behavior and why it is unacceptable
    And then we move on. He usually does a good
    Job of dealing with this.
    Yesterday, we received another behavior
    Sheet. This time, he humped another students
    Leg/hip in line at school.
    Oh my gosh!! I was mortified!!
    We just received his prescription, ND will be
    Starting it tomorrow.
    I am just at a loss, what in the world
    Would make him do that?

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    Fighting mom

    Hello! I literally just joined. We have 2 boys, 11 and 8. The 11 year old got diagnosed 3 years ago, we just found out the same goes for my 8year old! I need support. We have family and friends that just do not understand. It is so hard to talk with people who do not get it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)