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    Hey! I Penny didn’t beat me to it I would have said the same! I’m meditating daily and am struggling for the same reason. My mind wanders of all.the.time.

    The App that I use, Ten Percent Happier, have several courses and one of them is Focus. Yesterdays meditation practice included the meditation guides words saying : The moment your mind wanders off, is what we like to call the Magic Moment. It is the moment in which the opportunity for growth arises. It is in that moment we can practice self-compassion and mindfulness.

    Bringing the attention back to the breathe is the clue here, that’s the practice! It doesn’t matter if it wanders off 1000 times and where it wanders off to (worry, stress, past, future etc.) doesn’t matter either.

    I’ve seen tremendous upside by simply continuing every day for 15 minutes in the morning. I feel more calm and less impulsive about getting to the next task. I handle my emotions better and better, and that, in turn, makes me feel even happier about my progress.

    Good luck!! <3

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)