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    Me too @Vianneyfranco23, I was even tested for early onset dementia, and other illnesses of the brain, it was just terrible!

    I learned that I have to adjust my life to what I am capable of now, not what I was capable of in the past which was a lot more, unfortunately, but also with weekly migraines, which almost disappeared when I started medication ( dexamphetamin very low dose, 5 to 7,5 mg a day).

    When I’m down I watch (or read my notes about) this episode of Star Trek: Voyager S6 E6 “Riddles”.
    Tuvok the Vulcan has lost his memory and therefore his Vulcan logic, and Neelix is at a loss how to help him, and asks Seven of Nine, the former drone, for help.

    Seven:”I lost many abilities that I had required as a drone, but I adapted.”
    Neelix:”Because Captain Janeway didn’t give up on you. She kept trying to help you.”
    Seven:”But not by restoring me to what I’d been — by helping me discover what I could become.”

    So, adapt, and discover what YOU could become.

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    Another thought that I had when I was down in the dumps, and thought I was being gaslighted (yes, I was really troubled then). Hang up some recording cameras so you can see what really happened, it might help you from losing it, and realizing what really happened. I didnt do it, but I seriously considered it because I also ‘lost’ a lot of time and I had no idea what I had been doing all day long on some days. I am much better now, no more lost days.

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    Dear people,

    You’re both not crazy, and yes, it is part of Adhd, I have it too. Yesterday I lost my son’s travelcard, which was in my hand a minute before. I was supposed to bring him to his father, who makes a big deal of lost items. I searched for it for 30 minutes. It drove me crazy. My son had been ill, and still had a headache, so I arranged for him to stay with me longer. Ten minutes later I found it , I had put it near the door on top of some other items.

    @2wheelz, some things to consider; do you have a pet or a child in the house ( or a parner) who could have taken your half bun, or maybe you’ve accidentally thrown it in the thrash with the veggie rests? ( or in something else nearby) or eaten it, without realizing? ( the last thing happens to me a lot, when I’m distracted while eating, like watching tv, my child who asks things, a phone call, etc.)

    I usually find things again when I don’t need them anymore. I also noticed that hormonal fluctuations, taking care of a child, getting older, lack of sleep, stress, and people around that distract you make things much worse. What helped me is getting medicated, a divorce, another job, exercise, and dramatically decreasing my possessions (still working on that one 😉).

    If possible, try to do only one thing a the time, finish that before starting something else (like also getting a drink in the mean time or answering the phone, or finding your child’s missing toy, when making your sandwich).

    There is not one solution to this problem it usually takes more than one in my experience.

    Hope this helps.

    Greetings from a kindred spirit!

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    Hi 2wheelz,

    And now I will continue with what helped and what did not.
    I started with ritalin, that didn’t work (I have adhd-pi, by the way), just got me really agitated and a very high bloodpressure.
    Then started with dex, very low dose, because of my strong reaction to ritalin. It made me relaxed, not so tired anymore, my headaches (and later migraines almost) vanished, and my memory improved dramatically over a few weeks. After a few months my mood also improved, but I still had a lot of problems with doing housework, planning anything, my job, etc.
    Because of stories of other people who had a dramatic improvement after being medicated, my boss and my partner expected me to be my cheery hardworking self again (from before my pregnancy that is) in a few weeks/months. Well, that didn’t happen. I also started cbt therapy, but it was way too early for that. I was so desperate to just get my life and household and relationship on track, that I couldn’t be bothered with the stupid planners and paper diary.

    Well no CBT for me( for the moment), but I now have a therapist who gives me confidence that I’m doing the right thing. I choose what I want to be helped with, and that works for me. I have talks with a senior psych too, to check my progress with the treatment. He lately said something that I think of a lot. “Therapy can’t really help you. What we do is make you see things differently, so you can handle your problems in another way. It is not possible to increase your mental capacity, Although that is what most clients expect.”

    They can help, but you have to use them wisely and keep it simple. I use my phone calendar for appointments, and my appointment calendar is shared with my partner so he will remind me ( whatsapp) when something important is due.
    We use a paper shoppinglist on the fridge, and I ask my partner to put an item on there the moment it is out of stock, so the list is up to date, and I don’t have to check anymore.

    I also write errands on that list, and when errands should be done within a certain time frame, i make an appointment of them.

    Housework is really difficult for me, also because the house is full to the brim, and at the moment I try to minimalize all textile in the house. Already did the towels (freed up half a closet), now working on sheets and blankets. Tried clothes first, but that takes too long.

    Food and vitamins:
    I already used fishoil or linseedoil, magnesium and sometimes a multivitamin. Still doing it, and I try to eat healthy.

    I walk a lot, but no other exercise at the moment. And that’s okay with me.

    That’s it for now, I’m starting to fall asleep ;-).

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    I know what you mean. My – as short as possible – story: Diagnosed in 2015, 50 years old now, female, complete burn out 4 years after my son was born ( 2010). I always had problems( study,finances,housekeeping), but in 2014 I was desperate. My house a mess, incredibly tired ( too tired to do laundry, or dishes.). Incredibly forgetful, I couldn’t remember my meals or where I parked the car, I forgot the car breaks more than once ( with son in car), couldn’t handle a 18 hour/week job and couldn’t do grocery shopping, not even when I made a list and striped it off; I still would forget 1/3 of items. Always had migraines, but since a few years also daily headaches.
    Situation now: my headaches and migraines are practically gone, only a few days (1 or 2) prementrual headaches, but that’s it. My memory is fine now, like I’m 35 again, and I can do my 18 hour job. Grocery shopping goes well, but my house is still a mess, but working on that too. It did cost me my relationship, that is about to end shortly, but I can handle it. I must go now, but I will explain how in a couple of hours ( no miracle, but lots of steps).

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