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    Hi there! Maybe this might be helpful.

    I would like to share with you this great approach to help coping with adhd in children and adults. The Coping with ADHD series by Leonie van Dyk is available at Amazon in Kindle edition and paperback.

    Living with ADHD can be distressing and exhausting for the whole family. This simple, flexible step-by-step programme will help all ADHD sufferers to manage their behaviour, leading to improved relationships at home and create a more successfull and settled time at school/educational/work institutions.

    This is very basic and teach the sufferer with ADHD discipline and the emphasis is stimulation of as much body and mental awareness as possible.

    The awareness is further developed and the pace is quicker. A lot of emphasis is now put on body and emotional awareness; integration is the keyword.

    I appreciated the user friendly features. It can be used almost anywhere on the iphone, laptop and tablet as well as other formats.

    Kind regards,
    Elenore Sebastienne

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