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    My suggestion is a bit of a combination of the previous responses and suggestions. I think hhaving a group of friends outside oof school can be helpful but it doesn’t directly help the struggles she has with her schoolmates. Peer support groups Having her talk to others that have a challenge as well can be helpful for her to feel comfortable and talk to those that can relate to her situation. Continuing to positively reinforce her diagnoses as a talent or gift verses a deficiency. Change the word choice to positive will help to change her mindset about it as well. Look at the additional teacher/learning specialist as an advantage instead of a negative. Most children thrive best with one on one focused attention regardless of a challenge or not. You could reinforce that idea instead of looking at it as “extra help.” Our daughter was really struggling with reading and reading comprehension, her focus was limited and we found that time one on one with a tutor made her feel confident and she loved the extra attention and independent interaction more than anything.
    My last suggestions is to find an activity she enjoys, such as dance, gymnastics, tumbling, horseback riding, soccer, hockey, sewing…whatever it is she really enjoys doing and find a group or place she can participate regularly. We found it encompassed everything suggested. Group of kids outside of school, empowerment, enjoyment, discipline, focused attention, and a place to burn that excess energy in a safe and happy environment. Always thinking positively is key, from my experience.

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