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    Eric Swanson

    The one responder was so very accurate in her response. You have the opportunity to learn so very much about yourself in these next couple of years. You also have the opportunity to just take the drugs they recommend to you and stick your head in the sand, thinking you can now think like everyone else. You will never think like everyone else, but you can fake it better. You have a completely different nervous system that can still be one of your greatest assets, or be your crutch. That choice will be up to you. I have been the stimulants route, and yes they can be helpful. I hope to never be on them again in my life.

    I have graduated to mindfulness meditation and what I call brain training, via Dr Andrew Hill, of the Peak Brain Institute. I am not cured yet but he resolved his own ADHD issues utilizing his process.

    I have a long way to go but have not been on Adderall since April 2018. Making progress. I also have the very fun tag along of Rejection Sensitivity. That is a gift that keeps on giving. And so far even though we have not targeted that aspect, my ‘sensitivity’ has improved greatly. We all seem to suffer slightly differing issues but I Am gaining ground, on processing and also on accepting that I have choices on how to direct my talents toward almost any situation. Took me 15 years of not being actively involved followed by one year of learning and growing. Wish I had made the effort back then. I was under the impression that Adderall ‘fixed’ me to the level of everyone else. So so very wrong. Dive in. Good luck

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    Eric Swanson

    If you are tired of the same same with Doctors primarily interested in writing scripts and verifying that you are not feeling like you want to hurt yourself or others . Then I have someone you need to look into. I have boarderline severe auditory ADHD. I have been without drugs since April 1st. And been doing Brain Training since May 1st. I have a ways to go and it is a process.

    Peak Brain Institute, Andrew Hill.

    You can have a telephone conversation about his process. He offices out of California, but also goes to his St Louis Missouri office a few times a month.

    I am completely sold and in for the long term. You need to purchase the equipment in order to do in home training.

    Andrew used to have ADHD. That is no small statement. Ask him about it. Drugs temporarily address symptoms and we deal with the highs and lows, the engaged/ disenged times. It’s worth a try. Call him

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    Eric Swanson

    You are not alone and neither is your son. Check into a little bit of more reading. It is not much reading but a whole lot of insight. RSD rejection sensitivity disphoria. Betting you will find what fuels the action/reactions. Embarrassing to even explain. It is even more difficult than trying to explain ADHD in the first place.

    It is written as if it’s a side show but for myself it is one of my biggest hurdles, and one that not only causes great pain but also fuels grudges that I can not let go of.

    It is something we keep secretly hidden, and do not talk about, yet some literature suggests that 97% of ADD’ers have some aspects of RSD as well.

    It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Want real relief? I am working with Peak Brain. Dr Andrew Hill. Unbelievable what his program has done for me after only 20 sessions. Far from ‘out from under’ its effects but without specifically targeting RSD I am experiencing some relief.

    There is hope. Call them and have a free consult phone conversation.

    Good luck

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    Eric Swanson

    Don’t discard RSD so easily or think of it as something secondary. Seriously that has the potential to bite you in the butt if you are not mindful. Ok sometimes it will even if you are being mindful. The good news about it is that it is straight up and doesn’t hide like our ADHD symptoms might.

    So we have a fighting chance. So much of ADHD varies from person to person but RSD is right there standing tall so what do we do? Of course we work around it. It’s who we are. But we do not need to be that.

    Discover who you are, not defined by what or how you avoid, but by what you embrace.

    Not everyone will listen nor care. We don’t need to be concerned with that. We truly need to hold true to ourselves and call it a good day.

    As for the rest of the static and all the chatter going on in the background. Let them eat cake. Those won’t go away, if we are mindful to them, we can see what the distraction is and realize it for simply what it is, that all nothing more.

    Smile cause you have been down this road before!!!

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