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    Made me smile when I read your description of yourself ‘Jack of all trades’. It’s how I’ve referred to myself. I stumbled across an article that suggested that people diagnosed with bipolar were often undiagnosed ADHD cases. That was my lightbulb moment 18 months ago. I received an official diagnosis this week at 41 years old.

    My path has been convoluted because of the services available to me locally. This is the process I went through. Hope yours is smoother!

    1. I discussed my thoughts on ADHD with my psychiatrist (I had been referred for depression/potentially bipolar) She was skeptical but admitted it was not her area of expertise. She took me through a basic screening and then advised me to go back to my GP and request a referral for assessment.
    2. I visited my GP and she agreed to my request but said my psychiatrist needed to do the referral.
    3. My GP and Psychiatrist faffed around for several months trying to work out who was supposed to do the referral. I complained to the CCG and the referral was made. In my area the adult ADHD service had been suspended so I had to appeal to be referred out of area. My appeal was unsuccessful.
    4. I decided I’d go privately. Paid £600 to a noted specialist who decided I did not have ADHD.
    5. In August the adult ADHD service reopened and things moved quite fast (by NHS standards 🙂 My psychiatrist referred me and I had an appointment in two weeks.
    6. After 1st interview the ADHD doc felt there was enough likelihood to proceed so she booked me for QB testing.
    7. Had QB test two days later due to a cancellation.
    8. Attended appointment for DIVA questionairre and review QB results. Doc satisfied that grounds were enough for diagnosis providing one of my parents was able to corroborate and we will meet again in a month to choose medication strategy.

    Although my journey has taken a while, realistically from the service reopening in my city it has actually only taken 2 months to get a diagnosis.
    QB testing is cool because it is not a persons subjective assessment which is curiously reassuring but it’s also the most miserable 20 mins of your life!

    The very best of luck to you on your mission to find out.

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