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    hey, i doubt this will help but – im 25 Add/adhd diagnosed last year. i pretty much got kicked out of high school lol but i made it through college and university pre diagnosis (University was a god damn struggle though) i managed to socialise but i did withdraw a lot and play games because social stuff does something to me that i still cant really explain. i made friends people liked me but i find it hard to feel that “connection” and maintain friendships.

    My mum is the exact same kind of enabler, although im really aware of it, and fight back at least a little. i have had a couple of jobs and for extended periods of time, but ill be honest its rough, i dont know to what degree your son is functioning socially etc. but i find it so incredibly hard to look for new work, and maintain working at a place that doesn’t fit.

    – This part is all me now, so im not going to say “for me/ i feel” every time lol. in the hopes that you might be able to extract something from it ~ I tend to go on tangents, and my grammar sucks. i apologize in advance.

    I know its not the same, but depending of the games hes plays, the people he talks to, he is probably social to a certain degree online ( i realize its not the same…) I struggle with the thought of working in new places with new people, Because maintaining composure and not letting my adhd get the better of me. its scary, and am fairly well socialized and have had jobs before, we are unpredictable.

    I imagine hes ****ing terrified to be honest ( but i dont know him of course) and so hes hyper focusing on anything that distracts him?
    (sorry im jumping about alot)
    The only reason i made it through college without to much issue, is because we made an agreement that i would stay at my aunts during term time. ROUTINE is so important, jumping between houses ( like i did) when i was younger, it resets the things like habbits (good and bad)

    I cant deal with people who are to confrontational, however. you might be able to atleast get some time to talk things out OR get him to do somthing more social if you appeal to his intrest/s so like, i dont want to do alot… i just cant stomach it. eg if someone asked me to go to dinner 😉 lol sorry. id hate the idea of it. but if someone said “hey, i seen an add for this rock climbing/snowboarding place/ gaming convention/ comic convention”at the verry least, id like the idea of it, and thats a start. if you can express and ideas to him somehow, in a way that he does not feel like he is under attack some of it will go over his head, but one idea might stick around, or come back. cuz, hes guna forget some of it, but fortunately theres a good chance if he has any sort of interest in something suggested to him, he might warm up to the idea in his own time.

    i understand how much time is indeed a factor, but i cant express enough how important it is that if his mother is enabling him, you cant be the bad guy (in my opinion) if he associates you with stress and getting forced into uncomfortable situations, hes just guna recede back into his “safe space”

    (contemplating weather i should hit submit, cuz at this point i feel pretty stupid and im just talking about myself online lol.)

    “I feel way younger than everyone my age, hell people younger than me appear more competent and function in every single way.”
    and i feel like im slowly “growing up” But im still behind… and that’s rough.

    At the very least, if you keep at it. and make sure youre not the “bad guy” eventually, as he matures further he’ll reach out to you, and i obviously dont mean letting him off with everything. there is a line. i read somewhere “we need to be held more accountable for our actions than neurotically people” But for me, to much confrontation will just push me away, try to find more stuff you can both enjoy maybe – okay i could ramble forever lol.

    I really hope you can get at least something from this, isolation + enabling is rough. still trying get my self back on my feet too, It’s just a long painfull process.

    Good luck, take care.

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    yo, The landscape is forever changing, maybe you have gone a little downhill, me too the last 4 months to be honest. if you have just started the lisdex then the dose could be wrong still, the wait is hard, the disappointment is harder. But each time this happens you get closer to the solution. its not pointless, its progress. it doesn’t matter how small, nor does it matter how menial the task is. We build it up, trying to solve a “problem” that is far greater than we can comprehend. and then you add on top of that. inability to track yourself across time an a whole bunch of other stuff -but yeah, i understand.

    you’re incredible! every damn one of you :< cuz its a steep ass hill lol. but keep walking. its slow sometimes, and painfull too…but progress is inevitable. Yesterday i ALMOST managed to check off everything on my self care check list lol.. and theres only 5 things on the damn list. But you know what, thats better than the day before so ill take it.

    in reply to: Exam in 10 days. Need help ASAP #117480

    Hey, i doubt ill be much help. But i couldn’t not reply lol. Me brains kinda doing cartwheels right now so ill probably end up on a tangent.

    Im 25 i went thru uni without meds, i was diagnosed last year and have been on meds for a good few months now.
    says you made the first post at 4 am? (not sure if it registers the time of the person who posted)

    I have a tendency to get stuck – The task is important to me, and so my brain is in overdrive before ive even started, Like. From the second i wake up more or less. and well it’s draining + if your working to hard/ not sleeping well it could be all stacking up and the meds are exacerbating it?

    Eating something really protein heavy in the morning/ when you wake up might help with the side effects – It helped me out when i was having issues with jitters n stuff at one point while figuring out dosage.
    Because if you are already in like “crisis” mode, for lack of a better term. and your first meal is carbs/ sugary breakfasty type stuff. your more than likely to “crash” in one way or another. I hope you get something from this but well, im not really sure if it’ll make sense. but i know the feeling… and so points for trying right haha.

    I hope you are managing to get some stuff done despite the issues, Take care 🙂

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