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    Hi, as an ADHD adult with an ADHD child my recommendation is to pick the hills you want to die on. My recommendation is to differentiate between hygiene and clutter. With regard to your child’s room, let it be their room. With regard to hygiene set the expectation of basic personal hygiene. By setting the boundary of their room can remain cluttered it relieves a large stress point for your family. As an ADHD person myself I allow myself a couple of small areas of clutter in my life. Also it’s important to know that we have no issue managing clutter, it’s not a big deal to us. As maturity sets in I have found that being tidy is better but retain a couple of outlets for my “clutter is okay” ADHD mindset. My wife is still amazed at how I can easily locate items in my clutter spaces. That’s my recommendation.

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    Hi, I was incompletely diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression Disorder in my early 40’s, I am 60 right now. The good news for me is I also began working with therapists during my 40’s the bad news was at around 50 my symptoms began to get worse. My response was to change doctors. As I stated earlier my diagnosis was incomplete so I do not fault the doctor. After trying a couple of new doctors I found one that wanted to try a complete battery of written assessment tests. Once the results were available I was diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety and low level Tourettes syndrome. What my doctor did not tell me immediately was my diagnosis included Bipolar Disorder II. There is a longer story behind behind the why of not disclosing the Bipolar diagnosis to me in the early portion of my therapy. During the last 9 years I have had very good success personally with Vyvanse. Even though it is expensive it is effective for me. Included in the medications was Stavzor which is also a medication used for Bipolar Disorder. Let me share a some of my medication experiences. A few years into the ADHD medications I tried Adderall in order to reduce cost. I found that I became much edgier during this trial so I returned to Vyvanse after 60 days.

    Stavzor “became” Depakote and for about 6 years it was very effective. Then I began to notice my emotions became chronically flat so my doctor switched me to Oxcarbazapine which has been working well. Then a year ago I noticed my depressive episodes were deepening so my doctor added a Venlafaxine variant which has been working well.

    I continue working with either therapists or life coaches to help deal with my personal issues. Fortunately for me I am able to be very steady on low doses of the Bipolar and Depression medications. When I have tried lower doses of my ADHD medications then my ADHD symptoms come right back to a level where it is disruptive on a daily level. A BIG silver lining for me is living without chronic anxiety for about 6-7 years now with only very occasional low level anxiety. To give you the scope before treatment my anxiety level was always moderate to high with a good week being measured as “only” 1-2 panic attacks. At this point of my life I have occasional low to moderate anxiety and I cannot recall my last panic attack.

    My continued work with therapists has also greatly diminished my state of chronic anger. Dealing with anger is tricky so be prepared for a long duration if your anger is similar to mine. Also be prepared to make life style and priority changes to your life in your search for inner peace.

    For me it was a choice, deal with my disorders or let them deal with me.

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