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    Same problems here.
    I have now changed to concerta 36. Problem solved…except for when I forget to take it in the morning, haha. My wifey is only just starting to understand that I forget and accepting that when I do, I will be a little less useful for the evening.
    I do have short acting Ritalin for the occasions when I forget concerta in the morning as I’m not interested in being awake till 2 am. I don’t like the rise and fall of Ritalin but it’s useful to get me through my work day and helping wifey with the kiddies etc.
    I strongly suggest workin with your doctor to get an array of combinations that keep you at te very best you.

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    Hi there
    I am that husband. Not literally but may as well be.
    On behalf of all husbands, we are sorry not sorry.
    Sorry because this is an adventure and we secretly enjoy it, just can’t tell you.
    Not sorry because life is not as simple as they write in books.
    Anyways, I have tried Ritalin rapid, rubifen rapid, rubifen 8 hr, I tried them in all combos then went to concerta 18mg which is 12 hr, concerta 36 also 12 hour and now on Ritalin 8hr.
    I will be moving swiftly back to concerta 36.
    All other models I try allow my mind to wonder all over the place and then completely run out of energy at the end of the day. This is no good for my wifey, she hates it. I still don’t understand the effects of this on others. I do know however that when I was on concerta I completely nailed it. Everything. Work, relationship, surfing, chores, art. Haha, now I write this I understand why the wifey got upset at my trying the last option of Ritalin 8 hr.
    I still really struggle with eating properly but Clairey (wifey – actually pregnant partner) is amazing at helping me with that and I often have food envy co-workers asking where I get my lunch from.
    Conclusion; never eat soggy weetbix and always work with your man, not against. Do what you can and he’ll, one day, so you some of his tricks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)