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    Crap happens. Especially elementary age kids like my son.

    He gets aggressive because he’s a kid. He doesn’t understand that dealing with a trigger shouldn’t involve violence.

    So I offer him between ways to deal with things. The incentive is that it gives him power over other kids. I teach him subtlety so that he ends up looking more mature.

    I highlight the benefits for him and focus on that. I briefly go over consequences but show him that it’s a win win situation for him.

    The situation in your case is being dealt with. It doesn’t get “fixed” overnight. You don’t need to apologize to the parents. It makes you look like you and your kid are defective.

    This is a learning moment for you, your kid, AND the other parents. You realize it’s your moment and want to make sure you do it right. That speaks volumes about how good you are as a person.

    The ball os in the court of the other parents. Pray they will learn and make as good choices as you have.

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    Definitely happens to me without Adderall. My brain wants to pay attention to everyone and gets overwhelmed. Here’s what helps me:

    I accepted that I’m understanding of others and their conditions.

    Others have to be understanding and accept my condition.

    So I just say, “I have to step away. Too much conversation.”

    I don’t violate HIPAA against myself by telling them my condition. It’s irrelevant. Bottom line is the conversations are causing me stress and I need to leave for a bit.

    Let them make of it what they will. We tend to make more out of it and feel as if we’ll be judged. So we need a handy, believable excuse.

    We don’t need an excuse! We aren’t defective.

    The Bible says to be plain spoken and stop trying to think what others will or will not make of the situation. When I do that I realize that my biggest enemy was me and not others.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)