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    I have started meditation with the app “10 Percent Happier,” based on the book. After spotty consistency and feeling like a failure I tried the free beginner meditations again and heard, loud and clear, a phrase that I somehow missed the first time around: “Simply begin again.” That phrase changed everything. They apply it to times during the meditation where your mind wanders as well as to the whole process. When your mind wanders or you miss days, you don’t start over, you make yourself aware, without judging, of the break in the pattern and simply begin again. One of the most annoying symptoms of my ADHD, is my loss of time. I missed meditation for what I thought was two days but found out eight days had gone by! So I simply began again where I left off. I’ve been getting so much better and enjoying the benefits of meditation and of seeing my abilities progress. I’m missing fewer and fewer days as I keep practicing and my mind wanders much less than it used to. It still wanders way more than a “normal” person, I’m sure, but I’m seeing the progress and it’s great.

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