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    Hi Jade,

    I also feel like I’m highly empathic and can relate to your experience. I’ve just been diagnosed with ADHD and I get some RSD type emotions too. I really don’t think everyone who has ADHD is like this, because I’ve met quite a few but I’m guessing there are a few of us empaths that also have ADHD.

    I’d suggest that the intensity linked to ADHD emotions play a part in this phenomenon but that ADHD it’s self is separate from the basic amount of empathy people have. So, if one is already highly emphathic – then ADHD might magnify it. If you’re not overly emphathic (and/or there is a lack of interest in other people’s feelings) then it’s at a normal or below normal level.

    Hope this makes some sense courtesy of my weird & wonderful brain.
    Surround yourself with good people and live a wonderful life.

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