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    Really? These people… wow..
    I have (serve) ADHD and PTSD , Depression as Diagnosed when becoming Veteran.
    Yet, I study for engineering, jumping into Internships, working in “caregiveing/CNA”, as Volunteer with boys & girls club or other Veterans programs.

    “These people” those with ADHD are in fact “responsible” and can take care more just family and ourselfs. These people, is just as equal and capable then rest. Don’t blame “these people” because of your the conflicts between you and your boyfriend,as what you wrote is called Discrimination. :p

    Blue Irises

    I been doing some soul searching about who I am and probably of connecting with others, in different types of relationships.
    Looking for some hope to very least have the chance of experiencing love.

    As I been Diagnosed with ADHD… along with being veteran, I also been diagnosed with PTSD, Depression and TBI. I’m 40 year man, without a support group, family, not to many friends.

    Yet, I wakeup strive best person I can be by 2 hours day workout (pain management) and to burn through both Anxiety and irritability. I do my mental activities to keep my mind sharp, for my studies. Some the problems I face with is that I have hard time The impulse with being so genuine and caring for others. Which it causes Massive problems socially with having any new potential friends, or Romantic Relationships. Examples being Accused, ridiculed and others assuming my intentions with trying to Convince or prove my worth to women in hopes more than friends, Buying friendships, Or have some Other alternative motives.

    Other issue is trying filter ideas, as get Excited projects I’m working on, yet pointed now I’m bragging About my accomplishments.

    So one the few places I be myself by Volunteering to help strangers, at the gym as I train alone, The college’s tutor center, and stay at home.

    SoThat reading posts over just one diagnosis being ADHD is heartbreaking. So the person with the caliber many diagnosis (like myself) has little to no chance, as out look of said person would be a Regretful burden. What a mindblowing reality check. I need a dog.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)