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    Hi Kathi47,

    If you email me using hotmail I can give you my number to start texting with you. I need this!

    I “squandered” my whole afternoon and evening today. By that I mean I intended to go outside and pick raspberries. I started out several times but I had to eat sonething first and remembered I wanted to take a survey online. I took it but I lost it and then I lost myself…

    Then I thought I should go to the bathroom before going outside. I took my phone with me, then I got a message and I lost myself…

    I sat on the couch to put my shoes on and noticed a few books (ny downfall) that I got from a thrift store so I just started skimming one…

    I did take a nap though and I consider that a guilt-free accomplishment.

    But I need to get back on track tomorrow. I have things I need to do by Wednesday night and the calendar is filling up.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Your potential new text buddy, Bandanae

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    You hit the nail on the head with the time wasters! I struggle with this too. Something that worked for me in the past is a text-body double.

    We’d text each other what our plan was for the next period of time: 30 minutes, an hour or more. We would set our timers and start our respective projects.

    When the timer went off, we’d text again to report in. Maybe we got it done or got a good start and want to continue. Something may have come up and can’t keep going. If you can continue, set the next goal and timer again. Take breaks, eat meals but set a timer for that too. You decide what you want to do – with no judging.

    I even did this one-sided with a friend but it’s more fun and helpful with someone who understands just how hard this is for us and what exactly we are trying to accomplish (getting off the couch!) and then gives us some much-needed positive feedback.

    Flylady has had some good ideas. One is to put your shoes on when you first get up. It tells your body it’s not going back to bed.

    Hope this helps. I would welcome a new partner if anyone is interested. I’m a substitute teacher with the summer off and I know I will need help then! May God bless your efforts!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)