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    Hi. I just got diagnosed last week and just found this forum today. I can relate, particularly about who I should tell and what treatment to seek.

    I am finding it fairly emotional right now because I am revisiting a lot of bad ADD memories from the past(I am 37) that I had previously only suppressed. The bad memories and feelings are mixed with all the positive emotions of getting answers and finding information and hope, and so I know that I’m not exactly thinking straight right now. I am however actively reading and learning and it’s been great. I have not yet had a post diagnosis appointment to discuss treatments with my doctor.

    I have decided to look at any and all options for treatment, including meds, but I haven’t decided much more than that. I am trying to focus on where I want to go and what I want to improve/change, and then plan to see what I need to get there. If I don’t need much, great, if I need all the options/support I can get, why not take advantage of the help. Help I took waaaaaaaay to long to ask for.

    Regarding who to tell. I’ve mentioned it in passing to a few friends and talked with my wife a fair bit about it. I received much support from my wife, and from a couple key friends. I was a bit upset that my wife told my mom about my Psych appointments without me being ready to tell her yet, but I do intend on telling my family when I’m ready, mainly because I believe in open communication even if I’m not always good at it. I don’t think I’ll tell work, because I feel like that’s where ADD is impacting me the most right now and I need to clean some stuff up there first. I also feel like I was laid off from my last job because of ADD related shortcomings so it’s a topic of higher anxiousness right now. I’d like to be able to tell closer work mates in the future and be more open about it, but I also don’t think the workplace, and health information always go well together.

    Thanks for your post, good luck, wish me luck.

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