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    Funny enough I’ve experienced this with every crush/romantic interest I’ve had in someone.
    I’m currently in high school and I used to like this one person for over 5 years. I’ve notice I act way to obsessive even though I try to work on it, and I feel like I can’t control myself. It’s gotten really bad where I try to avoid them as much as possible so I don’t embarrass myself in front of others.
    It makes me worried whenever I do start liking some new, and I feel worried about if I act too clingy.
    The number one reason why I can’t make any friends or relationships is because of my hyperactive behavior. I tried going to my doctor for medications but all they do is leave me in a fog and throw up. I really dislike how I am because of everything I do. I really try to work on it. I’ve been trying my whole life to fit in. It really hurts when I try to befriend someone and I see them getting much better along with my other friends. Even my friends can admit they didn’t want to be my friend at first because I was too hyper for them. I mean, in high school people are nicer and I actually have friends now but it’s still hard being their “normal” friend. It’s hard trying to not act the way I do. I also do running sports to try to tire myself out but I’m still really hyper even after running cross country workouts.
    Also, I was diagnosed in 2nd grade

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