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    I don’t think your son is a pathological liar, and he’s doing what a lot of kids do. I’m not a therapist either, so take this with a grain of salt, but based on his having a hard time with ADHD behaviors and feeling like he isn’t in control (i.e., he gets in trouble for things that are instinctive to him and probably he can’t control at this point), he’s looking for ways to create a feeling of control. Obtaining money and having the ability to pay for something – independent of anyone else’s feelings or rules – would be an excellent way to control something for a kid.

    My advice is to find ways to show him that he has control in his life. I don’t know what those would be for him, but this idea of giving a powerless kid a feeling of control (really, self-control) really has helped my own son.

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    I don’t want to tell you that this has nothing to do with your medication or diet, but having lifelong depression and ADD, whether on or off a stimulant, I have experienced this. That’s why I clicked on the posting – looking for a magic cure.

    Let’s face it, your life IS exhausting. Grad school isn’t a vacation. You’re mentally tired. You have depression and ADD. Both conditions are mentally and physically exhausting. Whether medication or supplements compound or relief the tiredness we don’t know. But being tired by life doesn’t mean there is something wrong – you are leading an exhausting life!

    This is my recipe for decreasing exhaustion, and it’s not a magic cure. It comes in handy periodically, like right now. I’m going to follow my own advice and do it today.

    Here it is:

    Force yourself to get some really good exercise. I say force, because it’s so [INSERT EXPLETIVE] hard to make yourself do it when you’re busy and already tired.

    Carve out 20 minutes and get your heart pumping and sweat a little, just one time. Today.

    Then do it twice more in the next few days. At that point you’ll start feeling more energetic and it will be easier to make yourself do it on an ongoing basis.

    Don’t go overboard because you’ll hurt yourself and it won’t be fun and then you won’t try again tomorrow. 20 minutes is enough!

    I’m going to start today and I hope you try, too.

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