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    Hi Donald,

    What you describe is PRECISELY what I feel. At first I am completely overwhelmed with choices, words, tasks, and have trouble prioritizing, because I can’t decide a) what is most important, and b) how much time to spend on something. I am also somewhat of a slow reader (or at least I think I am), which convinces me that I don’t have that time to spend. However, when I buckle down, and force my brain to concentrate and not leak from inattention, I can get things done.

    I am very curious about this Sensory Processing Disorder. I thought it was just something I deal with, an idiosyntricity, but when you talk about slowly that flooded state, it really intrigues me. So often I feel like, if only I could SLOW DOWN on the intake, and PACE MYSELF in the output of efforts, I would be so much better off, particularly for more detail-driven, tedious work.

    You mentioned a site, but the link did not come through. Can you please re-provide?

    Does anyone else deal with this?



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    So much to respond to! I’ll do so in stages today.

    On Irlen: I am intrigued by their success, though I admit being a bit sheepish about it considering the visible nature of the product. I wear glasses from time to time, but I imagine that having colored glasses will make people ask questions, and I am already shy enough about my ADHD that I am a bit dissuaded from having to explain it to more people. Are there work-arounds for this? Do they offer contacts that are a bit more discreet?

    Thanks to everyone for this great conversation! I feel very lucky to know I’m not alone.



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    Hi Evie,

    Your son may be only 12, but those are some very wise tips! I think I’ll give that a try, particularly the covering up each line. I think my insecurity about being perceived as “challenged” in some way has kept me from doing so but, as I am sure you experience with your son, our intelligence and capacity for success and the manifestations of ADHD are not by any means directly correlated. I know I’m very smart, and as I am studying to go to law school, clearly I am willing to take on challenging paths. All it means is that we have to get creative with how we cope with the cards we are dealt.

    I also want you to know, while I bring up my relationship to make a point, I don’t want you to think it’s all struggle with us at all–we’re very much in love and happy (even if I get on her nerves much more than she does on mine). Being ADHD doesn’t necessarily make you harder to love, it just asks that those who love you, at times, have a bit more patience than the average bear. My wife is very understanding and patient with me, and even when we go through a bit of ADHDistress (as I call it), she knows I bring a lot of positive qualities to the relationship too, and can see how earnest I am in trying to improve, making it easier to forgive. I am sure you son does and will continue to bring all his gifts into every aspect of his life.

    Good on you for advocating for him now–it sounds like he’s well-situated for success.



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    Wow! Thanks for all this advice! I don’t quite have the time to respond to it all now, but I wanted to say a couple things:

    On the buddy system, that is a good idea, though usually that also causes more stress, particularly because that ‘buddy’ is always my wife. She’s very patient most of the time, but I have a real prevalent habit of almost misinterpreting instructions or rushing through something. Some of the worst fights we’ve ever had was over Ikea furniture. But this speaks to a larger fear of mine about how ADHD affects my relationship with my wife. My ability to make mistakes in the simplest of forums would, were it any other activity, deserve a medal for consistency. That’s a whole separate post, as I am sure that there are many of you who have had similar feelings.

    Does anyone else get that physical feeling that, either you’re stuck in being overly cautious and psyche yourself out of doing the simple, correct thing, or that you’re being hurled forward by some kind of inner momentum that makes you overshoot your target, no matter how hard you’re focusing?

    More to write later. So glad to have a community….

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    Thank you so much for responding!!

    I have flirted on and off with meditation for the last several years, and am currently at 4 mornings in a row (self high-five). I enjoy it, though I have trouble really focusing on my breath and convincing myself to take the time out of my day. I know it’s something that I need to stick with, and that not every session is going to be life changing or whatever.

    Beyond that, I do see a therapist approximately every two weeks (is that what you mean by cognitive therapy?), and I am hoping to start in an ADHD coaching group sometime soon. However, anything with nutrition or supplements has not, until recently, crossed my mind. I just started reading about Omega-3, though I am overwhelmed with information about how much to take, how often, etc. Can anyone provide feedback on that, and what sorts of diets/lifestyle alterations are worth investigating?

    What do you mean by neurofeedback?

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more thoughts.


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    As an ADDendum to my article (please excuse the pun), I should mention that I have also been medicated since I was a kid, and am currently taking Concerta. I would love to hear about others’ experience struggling with and overcoming impulse control, and how genuinely to learn to slow down.


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