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      I do well w/all adhd meds, but particularly dextro-amphetamine soley.
      After the headache of weeks of trying to get it through CVS–I was not very optimistic.

      Walmart for the win, they were able to get it in.

      VERY IMPORTANT: After calling a 2nd CVS I was told by the pharmacist that CVS will no longer carry Zenzedi. The 1st pharamcist did not know this—would’ve saved me 1.5 wks & countless calls. He said the originally pharmacist should’ve had a prompt come up w/this info the sec she looked up the meds. I did take the time to call the 1st pharmacy & make this known—-bc I’m OCD like that & I don’t want the next person to suffer.

      I’m really looking forward to this, because my insurance covers this brand name for $10 Tier 1. Hallelujah.

      Also, how are pharmacies able to get away with putting a “block” on people’s medication??? When did big business get to tell me which stimulants I can/can’t have access to. I talk alot of trash on Walmart, but I’m going to stop bc at least they ordered it w/o an issue.

      Anyone else who takes Zenzedi—wanted to give you a heads up. The 2nd pharmacist I reached out to bc they said in their system that he had 10mg. When I asked him about this, he said he can sell what they have—but they WILL NO LONGER BE ORDERING MORE ZENZEDI and this goes into effect for ALL CVS’s.

      Make note!

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      1st day on Zenzedi—anyone else experience it taking FOREVER to kick in & not being as strong…..kinda worried now.

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