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      Very proud of my daughter for graduating from a challenging high school in spite of being diagnosed with ADHD as a sophomore. Since then I think the pressure of the school, academics and having to slog through classes that aren’t easy or fun have taken there toll on her spirit and confidence — and led to depression/anxiety.

      Now the pandemic… and even though she’s not in school she seems to be flailing. Figuring out a next step —or doing anything—seems overwhelming and I am very concerned for her wellbeing. College is off the table because online classes are a deal breaker and frankly even if it was a normal year I’d be worried about sending her. We are considering a therapeutic residential program that helps her learn skills to manage the ADHD, anxiety and depression better — one that’s enriching, fun and builds confidence.

      For those that have been through this, where would you start? what would you look for? What would you avoid? What questions would you ask these programs?

      Thank you.

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      Penny Williams

      SOAR has a fantastic gap year program for kids with ADHD and/or LD. We went to their family weekend years ago and I was so impressed.

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      I’m actually also going through this right now. My mom and I have decided to send me to college. But idk how this is going to go and hope for your best outcome of any decision. I didn’t even know such programs existed. Have a Great Day and Don’t Stop Being Awesome!

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      Our son found success at the University of Montana Western. They teach one class at a time. 18 days of one class! Class is 3 hours a day plus homework for a total of 6-8 hours/day. Then a long weekend and on to the next class. Even ADHD kids can take a 16 credit load successfully each semester. Check it out! We are glad that we did – he graduates next year, 2021. You could use 2020-2021 to get in-state residency (it takes a full 12 months!) which would make great use of a gap year, too!

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