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      HI 😀
      My name is Sara and I want to be your friend.

      I want to make connections with people who will understand me. I want to meet people who are resilient as honey badgers, who work hard to keep it moving forward, and who also happen to suffer from time to time because of our weird brains.
      It’s taken me some time to accept my diagnosis but I got it and now I’m working it – but it still hurts sometimes to accept that I really am different.
      I’m pumped to hear your stories and get your strategies and share your pain and laugh with you and move forward together.

      Life is freakin’ hard sometimes but there’s always sunshine.
      (and a cocktail of meds hehe)

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      Hi Sara!
      I’m new to the club in the “official” sense…long time suspected-recently diagnosed and treated. My son had adhd, and it wasn’t until I realized he was exactly like me that I finally saw what was so incredibly evident. I have adhd. And even though myself and my family have always suspected, I was in denial. My life was always manageable as long as I had my lists, my phone reminders, monthly planner, etc. last year, I went through a divorce and it was too much for me to handle. Even with my “system”. I coupled with the emotional stress issues adhd intensifies, BAM. I felt like s crazy person. But knew I didn’t exhibit symptoms of bi-polar, depression and anxiety. I still have a lot to learn about my brain, but I also know that there are positives as well and I would love to hear your views!


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      I’m Autumn and I would love to build a little crew so we can support each other!

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      Hi, Sara! I’d love to be your friend and the friend of anyone else in this thread! I recently got diagnosed but have suspected it for some time. I’m looking for some people who can relate to what I’m going through because those around me haven’t been as understanding and it feels invalidating in a lot of ways. Hope we can connect more! 🙂

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      Have any of you guys been chatting? I’m recently coming to terms with my ADD, and it would be great to have friends that understand the struggles we have that previously I always ignored or thought were normal.

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      Hi Sara!
      I’m new to forum/community life on ADHD. I was diagnosed at the age of 4 (Now 22) and have only recently started looking into being active on forums as a way of feeling less lonely. I’d love to be friends with you and any others willing! It’s hard to live with ADHD and be surrounded by others, while supportive, can’t relate or understand. Hope to be in touch! 🙂
      – Chloe

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      hey sarah! how r u, my names maryam im 17 wbu?

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      Hi guys I’m Andrew, I live in Ayrshire in Scotland.
      Currently sitting bit stressed about everything, Iam 40 and never tries medication for adhd but I need to wave the flag and give it a try, as I struggle with alot of things in life, including a horrible sense of rejection.

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      HiSara, I have been diagnosed with ADHD last year. it was a lightbulb moment for me. I would love to catch up in your group to chat about challenges and offer support. Lorna

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      HiSara,I am Bruce,I live in Beijing in CHINA.I have an 8-year-old son with ADHD, and I also want to join the community to discuss with you the latest treatments and drugs, and help each other.

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      Hey every one,

      Im new. Just found out I have adhd. Covid is making me crazy. It depressing and I feel like I am in a cage with all of this social distancing.

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      HI. To be honest I felt the opposite – I liked lockdown as it was far more 1uiet and all the arseholes aren’t out stabbing and shooting each other.

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        I’m the same, Andydippy, I love the social distancing. I was already isolating to protect myself from “crazies.” (There are an awful lot of them around who think we should be just like them. So I think of most neural-typical people as pretty crazy. I can get along with them ok most of the time, but it is those few times a month that were hard to handle. Now there aren’t many interactions that I don’t choose and I consider that a good thing!) I was fortunate enough to not be forced to go out for work.

        And since the quarantine I have an excuse for doing what I wanted to do anyway. So many people were putting more and more pressure on me to “get out and do things.” I hadn’t realized what a burden that was until people stopped it. I do plenty, but I do it at home and mostly alone. Sure I’m different, but that doesn’t mean I’m sick or somehow damaged, or in need of their pressuring to be “typical.”

        So yes, I want to join any support group possible. I already belong to “Christians with ADHD/ADD” and “Women with ADD ADHD” Facebook groups, but haven’t gotten much help from them. If there isn’t really a way for us to “meet as a group in connection with ADDitude, here, hope to see you all there.

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      Hi everyone. I’m Sergio and I want to join the group and talk to someone like me. Never met any person with ADHD

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      Hey there Friend!
      I was first diagnosed at age 5. Then rediagnosed at 13, 22, and 32. Now I am 40!😜 I was just thinking the same thing today – how hard it is sometimes to feel so “misunderstood” but at the same time – crave more social interaction and larger support networks. How is everyone in the US handling new school cancellations and re-ignited social restrictions?

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      Hi, Everyone
      My name is Jacqueline and I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 6 but recently found out I have Autism as well and trying to figure everything out again…
      I’m a disability support worker and currently studying my diploma of youth work at RMIT. but tbh this lockdown and everything is making everything really hard

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      Hi all, my name is Lisa. I would love to chat with others who are similar to me. I am 50 something and diagnosed a few years ago, just started medication. Always knew I was different, weird, hypersensitive, obsessive,etc….my whole life. Unfortunately, as you know they did not start diagnosing until 1980 and certainly not in Girls. Would you kindly add me to your support group? Thank you.

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      Hi, I am Jeannie. Never been officially diagnosed, but I have all the symptoms. I am 49 and all my life I have struggled with focusing and sticking to tasks, goals, and plans. I have some success, but not after jumping around from one thing after another.
      I am here to look for support, find friends and connect with others that understand what I go through on a daily basis. As a woman, it is especially hard during that time of the month. It is a struggle to get through.

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      Hey Sara
      I am a 30 year old new mom to a beautiful six month old boy. I have been diagnosed with adhd for 11 years now and am trying to navigate the “new mom life” while coping with my adhd and taking my medication! It’s nice to read these and realize I’m not alone 🙂

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      Hello Sara and friends!

      I would love to join the crew. I was diagnosed at 40 with Inattentive type, and without mincing words, life has always been a struggle.. trying to pass myself off as “normal” or “neurotypical” is exhausting. I still struggle with self acceptance/low self esteem, with feeling intensely, with speaking too honestly, and the list goes on. Nonetheless, I am not all doom and gloom. I am grateful for many of my quirks and traits!

      I am ready for candid conversation free from judgement or ridicule. It would be lovely to connect and feel understood:)

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      Hi Sara,

      I’m Jess. I was recently (within the last year) diagnosed and am 29. I am just trying to figure things out. I would love to chat with other both new to the ropes and seasoned veterans in living with ADHD.

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      Hi Sara!

      I am a middle aged woman and was just diagnosed in June/July! I have been on medication for only a month (Adderall) and alot of things I blamed on depression or hormones mAh actually be ADD since when the Adderall is working, it works well and I don’t have so much anxiety or depression.

      I do have problems motivating to start my day and taking the Adderall though because some days I just want to lie in bed if I don’t have any conference calls to attend. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

      (Also, I thought this forum was for women and girls and there were a few responses to this thread by men wanting to be friends… That doesn’t make me feel comfortable in here)

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      Hi there,

      I too am recently diagnosed though suspected it for last three years.

      Would love to be able to chat to others who understand this thing. It’s a really tough trot, pretending to be normal as someone has already said.

      Funny thing for me is that since diagnosis I have either gotten much much worse or I am just now more aware of how it has it’s grubby fingers all over every minute of every day.

      I laugh and I am creative and consider myself an ideas person. Recently my role as a high school English teacher has become so heavy with admin, and so I spend a good portion of every day in self loathing because I am operating more and more in my weaknesses (forms, reports, marking, assessment dates, feedback dates)and less in my strengths (creative lessons, concepts, texts).

      Hmmm there I go again, in too much detail instead of a quick hi.

      Hi. I would like to be friends too. It is hard when ppl don’t get it.

      Kerfuffle x

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        Hi Kerfuffle (great name),

        You sound very much like me. I was daignosed last year aged 43, and despite being medicated, also feel like I have got worse, or at least more aware of how weird I really am. Which doesn’t really help.

        I used to be a secondary and primary school music teacher, but, despite being a fun, imaginative, gifted teacher, that all came crashing down this year. I certainly never coped with how my weaknesses (organisation, consistency, RSD, behaviour management of 30 teenagers in a music room!!!!????) were constantly being exposed in that role and my strengths (creativity, being innovitive, empathy, humour, enthusiam) were not really valued. The stress all led to a suicide attempt in February.

        So, I have now re started my career as a piano and guitar tutor, starting my own tutoring business, and am starting for once to feel quietly optimistic again. And I no longer dread September 1st,

        Oh and Hi!


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      Are there any other nurses here?

      I’ve been a nurse for 22 years, I got a BA in history first, but poor job prospects made me decide to go for my original dream after all.

      All Aboard the Struggle Bus!

      I’ve always been dinged for “Lack of leadership skills” yet…I have no clue how to get leadership skills and it may have just cost me a really cool job opportunity.

      At 53 the leadership thing may be a ship that sailed. I can live with that, but what actually bothers me is why is my reliability and willingness to work with a team discounted. It makes me crazy, we can’t all be leaders!

      Worker bees Unite!

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      honey badger doesnt care, but i cared enough to work so hard i didnt get my diagnosis before i was 20 (22 now)

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      Hey Sara! Nice To Meet You. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I’m motivated to improve myself with time. Stay Strong!!!

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