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    HI 😀
    My name is Sara and I want to be your friend.

    I want to make connections with people who will understand me. I want to meet people who are resilient as honey badgers, who work hard to keep it moving forward, and who also happen to suffer from time to time because of our weird brains.
    It’s taken me some time to accept my diagnosis but I got it and now I’m working it – but it still hurts sometimes to accept that I really am different.
    I’m pumped to hear your stories and get your strategies and share your pain and laugh with you and move forward together.

    Life is freakin’ hard sometimes but there’s always sunshine.
    (and a cocktail of meds hehe)

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    Hi Sara!
    I’m new to the club in the “official” sense…long time suspected-recently diagnosed and treated. My son had adhd, and it wasn’t until I realized he was exactly like me that I finally saw what was so incredibly evident. I have adhd. And even though myself and my family have always suspected, I was in denial. My life was always manageable as long as I had my lists, my phone reminders, monthly planner, etc. last year, I went through a divorce and it was too much for me to handle. Even with my “system”. I coupled with the emotional stress issues adhd intensifies, BAM. I felt like s crazy person. But knew I didn’t exhibit symptoms of bi-polar, depression and anxiety. I still have a lot to learn about my brain, but I also know that there are positives as well and I would love to hear your views!


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    I’m Autumn and I would love to build a little crew so we can support each other!

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    Hi, Sara! I’d love to be your friend and the friend of anyone else in this thread! I recently got diagnosed but have suspected it for some time. I’m looking for some people who can relate to what I’m going through because those around me haven’t been as understanding and it feels invalidating in a lot of ways. Hope we can connect more! 🙂

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