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      a girl

      Hi everybdy
      I am not a native English speaker so I apologize for grammatical mistakes.
      I think that I am ADHD. and I want to help my self. so I decided to write my dairy and my plans and tasks in order to organize my life and duties.
      I have so much work to do . and I have nothing to say now.
      First of all I want to clean my room and then start to study. I am student of MA. and I have so much homework to do and lessons to study.
      I will go and clean my room and come back and write the result here.

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      a girl

      Hi every body. how are you? I Try to be fine although it is so hard.
      as I promise to myself, I cleaned my room and honestly I should say that I have a better feeling and I can more concentrate.
      Now I should have work on my homeworks. I have three seminars in this semester and I make the PowerPoints but I should edit all of them. and I do not have enough time. and I wanna to finish it as soon as possible. I am so sad. I procrastinate a lot. And I wanna to solve this problem. tommoroow I come back and write the result and tell you how I am successful in editing my projects.

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      I hope you are too well soon

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      Penny Williams

      Keep up the great work! I love that you’re using forum posts to hold yourself accountable!

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      When I can manage to clean up my room, or office space or the whole house, (yeah, right), I feel a lot better too. For those of us with “cluttered” minds, it can help to toss out all the unneeded stuff. Sometimes they are just big distractions waiting to happen.
      Good Luck with discovering if you have ADHD or not. There should be someone you can talk with. Have you tried taking one of the ADDitude “symptoms of ADHD” quizzes? They can give you some indication.
      Don’t expect too much of yourself. If you really do have ADHD, you have got a lot of challenges ahead of you-and many of them are challenges you will have to be addressing all your life. They can’t just disappear.
      For instance, if you are a procrastinator, you can’t just “fix” that. It’s something you have to work at in a variety of ways, over time.
      Hope things go well for you…you sound determined!

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